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Worm Count OR Lung Worm Testing Kit



Use the Feclab Dog Lungworm Count Kit to test for worms at home and get the results by email in a few days.Sometimes dogs demonstrate few to none outward signs of infection, and the infestation can go undetected despite being a potentially serious health problem. Some canine parasitic worms are hazards for human health as well.Your kit will include: A resealable outer bag, gloves, spoons, 3 x odour proof sample bags, form, Freepost envelope1) Place THREE DIFFERENT poo samples (from different times of the day) into the odour proof sample bags using the gloves and spoon provided. Seal them, then place into the outer resealable bag. 2) Fill in the form with all of your details3) Pop the form and sample into the freepost envelope and put it into any letterbox 4) Your results will arrive by email within 5 working days of it being received at the labFeclab always test samples twice to give a professional accurate result.

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