SmartBarf™ is a 100% natural source of minerals, vitamins and nutrients from over 50 different seeds, nuts, fruits, berries, vegetables, pulses and herbs.

All the ingredients are carefully selected for maximum nutritional benefit, to create a healthy balanced diet for your dog and your puppy.

SmartBarf™ is already mixed and packaged, and has a long shelf life, all for your convenience and to save you time and money.

Just add water and serve with meat.

SmartBarf™️ contains the following ingredients; Seeds (25%): buckwheat, celery, chia, evening primrose, hemp, linseed, milk thistle, millet, niger, pumpkin, safflower, sesame, sunflower Root Vegetables (15%): beetroot, carrot, parsnip Nuts (11%): almonds, brazils, cashews, coconut, hazelnuts, peanuts, walnuts, Beans (10%): aduki, black eye, chick peas, peas, haricot, locust, mung, pintoLeafy Greens (8%): cabbage, kale, spinach, Other Vegetables (8%): asparagus, broccoli, tomato, Hedgerow Berries (5%): elder, hawthorn, juniper, rosehips, Herbs (3%): basil, marjoram, oregano, parsley, sage, spearmint, thyme, Wild Seeds (3%): clover, meadow flowers Tropical Fruits (3%): dates, goji, papaya, banana, Meadow Plants (3%): blackberry leaves, clivers (cleavers), dandelion, meadowsweet, nettle, Seaweed (2%)Spices (1%): aniseed, peppercorns, caraway, fennel, Orchard Fruits (1%): apple, pear, plum, Mediterranean Fruits (1%): apricot, peach