Organic Kelp Powder – 100g


Used to treat itching & swelling to reduce discomfort of skin allergies

Can help repel fleas

Easy to digest & helps with digestion

Rich in protein – 25%Supports muscle & tissue development

Helps repair damaged tissue – makes it perfect for recovery after surgery

Contains 21 different amino acids & 60 different minerals

High in iodine – vital to effective glandular function. Thyroid/pituitary/adrenal glands

Increases energy

Helps remove heavy metals from dog’s system

Vitamins A, B12, C, E

Helps reduce plaque & tartar

Reduces the effects of ageing Strengthens immune system Helpful for iron deficiency

Suitable for cats & dogs

Dosage: Upto 13kg 0.5 teaspoon Upto 40kg 1 teaspoon Over 40kg 2 teaspoons