Natural Treats Box (Weekly)

£15.00 / week

Have you ever checked the back of treat package?

Composition would most definitely say animal derivatives…which part of an animal and which animal is that?

With our mix treat box, you know exactly what you are giving your furry baby.

No hidden nasties or additives.

1 x Pigs in blanket

1 x Chicken & Turmeric Sausage

2 x Black Pudding Sausages 1

x Beef & Garlic Sausage

1 x Duck Neck 1

x Beef Trachea

2 x Chicken Feet

1 x Hoof

1 x Beef Tripe

1 x Rabbit ear with no fur

1 x Furry Rabbit ear

1 x Lamb Muscle

1 x Pig Roll

1 x Duck Foot

1 x Paddy Wack

20g Sprats

5 Fish Cubes

1 x Furry Beef Skin

1 x Furry Lamb Skin

1 x Pigs Ear

1 x Duck Wing

Can be amended accordingly**Box content may vary subject to availability**