Flea & Tick Repelling Raw Baltic Amber Collar – *Screw Connector*

from £13.00

*This item connects with a screw clasp connector, see other listing for leather buckle connector options*

100% Natural Baltic Amber known for it’s amazing health benefits and repellent properties.

How does it work?

It’s not magic! It’s science! There are two ways natural raw amber works in the form of a pet collar. First is slight static created from the friction when amber chips rub on your pets fur and the other is the aroma substance called terpenes which is highly repulsive to creepy crawlies.

That is it!

I am a fur mama myself and have tested these collars out past 1.5 years before I was convinced. We haven’t used any harmful chemicals to prevent infestation in all that time and still free of all blood sucking pests…plus we live 5 minutes from a 300 acre forest! Both my cat and dog spend a lot of time discovering the woodland.