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Rocketo GUT 300g

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GUT is a kind, gentle, nourishing support for the digestive system. Organic marshmallows, licorice, and slippery elm are natural mucolytics to soothe aggravated intestines; paired with psyllium to steady digestion allowing the gut time to absorb key nutrients from the diet.

Slippery elm assists in absorbing toxins at times of intestinal imbalance, whilst decreasing inflammation and supporting healing.

Peppermint targets the uncomfortable gas, bloating, and indigestion that often occurs in gut issues. It also has properties to decrease gut spasms potentially decreasing pain in the gut. Sickness and upset tummies in our pets can be very distressing, but proactive use of GUT support regularly can support intestinal health long term.

  • Dehydrated-RAW = nutrients remain intact
  • Certified organic, sustainable & traceable ingredients
  • Zero tolerance for synthetics
  • Convenient, plastic-free, fully recyclable packaging

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