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Bellfor High Quality Immune Powder For Puppies - 50g



Strengthen your puppies immune system naturally

Like humans, dogs have an immune system that protects them against pathogens. The immune system consists of a large number of different cells that work together to prevent pathogens from causing infections. Puppies and young dogs do not yet have a pronounced immune system like adult dogs.

Therefore, our Bellfor Immune Junior can be fed in powder form to support puppies. It can be mixed with lukewarm water to food. Bellfor Immune Junior should be fed daily for 10-15 days after puppy feeding. In addition, it can be given in diarrhea and after illness in a period of up to 4 weeks

Composition: Insect protein, stinging nettle seed, sea buckthorn, rosehip, propolis

Crude protein


Crude fat


Crude fibre


Crude ash





Dogs up to 2kg - 1 measuring spoon

Dogs from 2kg to 4kg - 2 measuring spoons

Dogs from 4kg to 6kg - 3 measuring spoons

Dogs from 6kg to 8kg - 4 measuring spoons

Dogs from 8kg to 10kg - 5 measuring spoons

Measuring spoon supplied

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